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Tether Rates

Planning a special event like a wedding or even a fundraiser? Why not plan a special surprise for your guests? Hosting tethered hot air balloon rides is a great way for an event to share the hot air balloon experience with a large number of people. It is a perfect medium for crowds of all ages to interact with balloons but with out the extreme heights! Tether a balloon with California Dreamin’ today!

Winds play an important role for your best tethered flight experience. Sunrise or sunset is usually when winds are the most calm and safe to navigate.

In order to keep with our California Dreamin’ safety standards, the area for the requested tether balloon must be 250 square meters and free of light poles, fences, irrigation systems or anything that might cause damage to the balloon if winds shifted. A $450 sight inspection fee may apply if our pilot is not familiar with the location of the requested tether.

Rates begin at $2400 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
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