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What about safety?

David & Gail Bradley welcome you to California Dreamin’. They have built their entire reputation on providing you with one of the adventures of your lifetime. Since 1977 their pilots, staff, and crew have been extensively trained by employing rigid company practices that go beyond those required by law.

“Quality continues to be our main goal. Other companies claim to be the best however these companies know the standards we have set as the balloon aviation leader because they have adopted them.”

California Dreamin’ wants you to know that there is nothing more important to us than safety. We were the first company in Southern California, since 1993, to have all drivers and vans meet the current regulations by the Public Utilities Commission.

What should I wear?

Recommended attire is casual outdoor active wear, and a light jacket, sweatshirt or fleece pullover in cooler weather. Comfortable, small heals and closed toe outdoor footwear is highly recommended. Because the balloon burners radiate heat, we recommend that if you are over six feet tall or bald that you wear a hat or a cap. You may also bring a pair of sunglasses.

What can I bring?

A camera! A cell phone! It is recommended you leave all other personal possessions safely locked in your vehicle. No large backpacks, purses, or camera gear will be permitted on the basket.

We do not permit backpacks, purses, heavy coats, open-toed shoes, drones, or large recording/photography equipment. These items should be left at home or locked safely in your vehicle.

What about bad weather?

Weather is obviously an important factor in ballooning. That is why we have mandatory phone calls prior to each flight, for that final weather confirmation. If we do have to cancel the flight because of weather conditions, of course, there is no charge to our passengers. We usually will be able to fly the following day. It is highly recommended that you keep a couple of optional days in mind when making your balloon ride reservation, just in case there is a weather cancellation.

Will it be windy or cool?

Only comfortably cool. Unlike most areas of the country, the temperature in the balloon for the first 2000 feet is the same or generally warmer. This is because the inversion of warm air that flows toward the coastal region from the desert. We recommend you bring a light jacket or sweater.

How long will my adventure last?

From the time you leave your car until the time you return to your car, the time involved is usually three to three and a half hours. This includes driving you to the launch site in one of our company vans, watching the inflation of the balloon (perfect opportunity to use those cameras), the balloon ride itself (floating above Temecula Wine Country), and having the celebration after landing. We will drive you back to the meeting location.

What is Vindemia?

Vindemia Winery is where we meet to begin your sunrise adventure in Temecula! It is an exclusive private vineyard and winery nestled in the middle of Temecula Wine Country. We are very fortunate to have such a lovely Californian setting for our meeting location and to enjoy our sparkling wine & cider celebration at the end of the Sunrise Flight. They make exclusive elegant red and white wines and will pour you one after your flight. For a full tasting, come visit any day between 11am and 5pm. What a perfect conclusion to a very unique experience.

How many people will fit and are there any size or weight restrictions?

That depends on the number of reservations we have for that ride. We have a variety of colorful balloons, the smallest accommodates six to eight passengers, and the largest accommodates fourteen passengers. All of our baskets are large, European design, and partitioned to give each passenger maximum comfort and visibility. For safety reasons, the maximum weight limit per person is 300 lbs.

What will we see?

For the Sunrise Temecula flight, everything Wine Country has to offer! South Coast Resort, Carter Estates, Ponte’s new Winery Bottaia, the vineyards of Temecula, snowcapped mountains, citrus groves……and much, much more!

Why so early?

Because of the wind and thermal variances, we can only fly over Temecula Wine Country at sunrise. It would not be safe to fly later in the morning, when the winds could become problematic.

How high will we go?

When you are aloft in the balloon you will be around fifteen hundred feet or more above the earth, and that’s what makes those views so fantastic!

How far will we travel?

The average distance that you will travel in the balloon is three to seven miles, depending on speed of the winds.

What if I have motion sickness?

There is no turbulence sway or keel in a hot air balloon. However, if you are especially sensitive to motion, medication should be effective.

Can I steer?

A balloon moves with the wind, at the same speed and in the same direction. So no, you cannot steer in the traditional sense however “steering” is done by ascending or descending into the wind “layers” to move your course from one heading or direction to another heading maybe to the right or left based on the winds available on a given day.

I am visiting the San Diego Area, can I ride a hot air balloon in San Diego?

Unfortunately, San Diego is not well suited for hot air balloon flights. If you are looking for hot air balloon rides in the San Diego area, we recommend our company in Temecula, which is only a short hour-long drive-up Interstate 15.

I've heard a lot about Del Mar. Do you offer Del Mar county hot air balloon rides?

Unfortunately, due to heavy construction in the area, California Dreamin’ Balloon Adventures discontinued Del Mar flights and only provides hot air balloon rides in Temecula currently.

Do you have a release form that I can read before my Balloon flight?

Yes. Download or view PDF here.

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