Our Team – California Dreamin'

To give you some company background, we are the oldest and most experienced Southern California hot air balloon company.

David Bradley, who co-owns California Dreamin’ with his wife Gail, has flown hot air balloons since he was a teenager. He not only has an interest in ballooning, but a love and passion as well that has contributed to the company’s continued success.

California Dreamin’ has expanded over the years, always keeping their customer’s needs in mind. Recently, we moved to Temecula where we have a small Vineyard called Vindemia Winery. Future offerings for Vindemia include an indoor Wine Tasting Room and a Winery building. Our experienced and professional approach make each flight safe & fun! Our skilled staff stands ready to answer all of your inquiries and custom-tailor your adventure with friendly customer service. Our superior service standards are designed to make your adventure an unforgettable lifetime experience. Don’t forget that special occasions like Birthdays and Anniversaries, we can help you with special surprises and you will create memories that will be cherished forever.

California Dreamin’ has built its entire company reputation on quality.

Our pilots, staff, and crew are extensively trained, which is exhibited in our superior balloon flights. Quality continues to be the cornerstone of our company philosophy. Fly with the best – California Dreamin’.

David Bradley

Our original balloon pilot, with over 3200 hours of balloon flying time! David, along with his wife Gail, are owners of California Dreamin. David’s love of ballooning began in the Midwest at a very young age. He has followed his dream and passion and shares his love of ballooning with everyone he flies; he will truly make your balloon flight an adventure.

Dylan Bradley

Dylan Bradley has been flying hot air balloons for 15 years, having inherited the love of flying from his father David. Born and raised in Southern California, Dylan is also a fixed wing pilot and is working on his commercial license. Dylan also makes wine for Vindemia Winery during the day with his family. He loves sharing the views of Temecula's wine country while he guides groups in his balloons over the cascading hills of his hometown.

Meet the Owners

David & Gail Bradley welcome you to California Dreamin’. They have built their entire reputation on providing you with the adventure of your life.

Since 1977 their pilots, staff, and crew have been extensively trained by employing rigid company practices that go beyond those required by law.

“Quality continues to be our main goal. Other companies claim to be the best however these companies know the standards we have set as the balloon aviation leader because they have adopted them.”

If you're celebrating a special occasion like a Birthday or Anniversary, we will make it memorable!

We’ll put a banner on the basket proclaiming the event, serve birthday cake – an maybe even sing – or present a complimentary bottle of Vindemia’s award winning More Cowbell to toast your anniversary or other special event. This treat doesn’t cost anything extra.

Check out our terrific rates for this totally unique and unforgettable adventure.

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Vino Real

A wine trail where you can taste the passion. Welcome to Vino Real, where we connect wine adventurers with responsible wine growers and makers from Temecula to Valle Guadalupe. Check out our wine trail that covers Baja and Southern California. If you care about what’s in your glass – and what’s not – Vino Real is for you. We believe in straightforward wines with nothing to hide: wines that care about individuals, origin, impact and future. This is a journey for those who want to know more about the people and places behind each bottle, for those seeking elegant wines and experiences.

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Vindemia Winery

A family owned and operated winery in Temecula beautifully nestled on the Temecula hillside with the perfect blend of European style and a casual Southern California feel. We pride ourselves on growing and harvesting grapes for crafting quality wines. Visitors, who venture through the valley-less-traveled, will find an estate with a spectacular view, masterful gardens, and a comfortable setting, that all combine to create an unparalleled retreat.

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