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Drought Devastates the Horn of Africa

Millions are at Stake as Drought Devastates the Horn of Africa, leaving families without a means to provide for their children.

Across the Horn of Africa, from Kenya to Ethiopia and Somalia, a devastating drought has resulted in a spike in malnutrition and the threat of famine, with millions of people increasingly at risk of starvation.

The drought has led to numerous other issues resulting in not only the rise of starvation but civil war, military action, climate change, and the spread of COVID-19. Unrest increases as farmers suffer, food prices rise, and the lack of fundraising efforts to assist the people afflicted by the drought.

The Horn of Africa relies heavily on their rainy seasons to provide its region with much-needed water. These seasons have been progressively getting drier and drier as time passes. Their last rainy season, from March to May, was their driest so far. The future expectation is that the rainy seasons will continue to decline, potentially leading to the crisis becoming even more disastrous.

This region that has historically had issues with malnourishment has admitted a significantly higher amount of malnourished children than in previous years.

With the increase in malnutrition, over a million children are at greater risk of starvation,  weakened immune systems, and disease. This region has suffered droughts and famines, resulting in the death of many. Again, this region is facing another colossal action that requires worldwide relief efforts to address.

Humanitarian agencies are struggling to acquire the much-needed funds to help divert this crisis and save lives. Listed below are links to donate to support those suffering from this crisis.






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