Refuge Brewery

The Tap Room for Refuge is situated right next to the place where the magic happens - the brewery. This allows visitors to have an unforgettable beer experience and see what goes into producing it. At any time, they offer up to 20 different beers on tap, many of them have been aged in whiskey or wine barrels. Don’t be surprised if they serve you a small prototype batch of something special before they decide to brew large scale production batches!

Weins Brewery

Known for their high quality beer, the brewery started based on the success of the family. They offer their beer locally, on draft, or in all packaging sizes. Keep an eye out for their catchy and beautifully designed labels as well.

Crush ‘N Brew

An artisan restaurant and bar in the center of Old Town that captures Temecula Valley’s emphasis on craft beer and handmade wine. Offering only the best of Southern California’s locally produced beer, wine and spirits, they have 30 rotating beer taps, an extensive wine list and creatively concocted cocktails.

Stay Up in the Air

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